Wednesday, January 1, 2020

What's your word?

Present. Grow. Humble. Surrender. Depth. All words that people give to the new year. Sometimes it's based off of things you want for the future or regrets you have in the past. I have done this the past several years but rarely remember what my word even is from year to year, let alone allow it to affect my life!

To try and keep myself accountable, I'm writing it here so that January 1, 2021 I can look back and ask myself: was that true of you in 2020?

My "word" for 2020 is rather a phrase from Mark 6:31, "Come away with me." After long days of ministry, little rest and no food, Jesus called his disciples into the boat and said, "Come away with me. Let us go alone to a quiet place and rest for a while." Can you hear them breath a sigh of relief?

I have a mental picture of Jesus in the boat reaching out his hand to me on the shore, Come away with me. He is beaconing me to draw near, leave the multitude, truly rest and enjoy Him. Enjoy. Him.

Let's be honest, I'm tired and have been for a long time (I create cute kids who don't sleep!) But true rest is not something I'm good at. I am notorious for not giving myself margin. I try and fit it all in because I hate missing out or saying no. Even in my time with the Lord, it can feel like I'm checking a box, not finding real rest in Him! With two small children at home and loving being with people the way I do, I realized that if I want a quiet place to rest, that has to be a priority, not an afterthought. So this year, I'm choosing to make it a priority.

The God of the universe wants to meet with me and give me rest. Come away with me.

Whatever your word might be for 2020, know that THIS year, Jesus is calling. For those of you who do not know Him, He wants you to come, believe and be made new. For those who do, He's calling you deeper.

Come away with me. What will your answer be?