Tuesday, June 18, 2019

You're invited to a wedding...

This year I have TWO very close friends getting married. Needless to say, I've got weddings on the brain. To top it off, our pastor has been preaching through Revelation and recently discussed the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.  

As Pastor Don shared with us the correlations between a Jewish wedding celebration and the book of Revelation, I stood in awe at so many things. I would really love to share some of those with you if you have the time to read...

In a Jewish wedding celebration, in those days, (as I understand) it would begin with the groom paying the bride's dowry and leaving a guarantee, something precious, so that all (especially the bride) would know that he was coming back for his beloved. He would then leave to add a room to his father's house and when that room was finished, he would come back to collect his bride. She was to wait in joyful anticipation at his return. She had no idea when he would return, only that he would. So she would make beautiful things to put in her new home and prepare her wedding garments.

When Pastor Don shared those things with us, a lightbulb just went off for me. WOW! My groom has paid the price for me at the cross, left His Holy Spirit as a guarantee that He will come back for me. He promised that He "goes to prepare a place" in His Father's house and that I should be ready because He could come back at any moment.

When I think about my two girlfriends preparing for their weddings, there is so much preparation and so much excitement... the most beautiful dress, the perfect wedding venue, and everything has to be just right. When you talk to them about their weddings, they are FILLED with joy. Why? Because they get to marry the man of their dreams.

Emily right after Pierre shouted "She's beautiful!"
At my friend Emily's wedding, her soon-to-be husband, Pierre couldn't contain his excitement. The doors opened and as she was about half way down the aisle, he shouted out, "She's beautiful!" He could not wait to have her as his own -  that's how Jesus feels about you and me. He can't wait for the day that we get to be together forever.

But until then, how are we (the church) waiting for our groom? With joyful anticipation? Inviting everyone and anyone to come and join the celebration? Or, are we pretending like we aren't even getting married - just living life like it's any other day?

If you aren't sure if you're invited, let me extend that invitation to you right now... Jesus loves you. He  desperately wants to be with you. Your sin keeps that from being a possibility, so he paid the ultimate sacrifice - he died for you. But then Easter... he rose again! And calls out to all, "COME and be my bride! Believe that my sacrifice was enough." If you believe, he leaves you the guarantee of His Holy Spirit and tells you, "Behold I am coming soon!" So invite others, grow in him, and remember your groom is coming for you!