Wednesday, August 1, 2018


The Lord has placed such a beautiful community in my life - women, both young and old who love and follow Jesus. They walked with me through singleness, marriage and children. They pointed me to Jesus when confusion and frustration were all I could see in my future. And then when the Lord cleared a path for what was to come, these same women rejoiced, supported and prayed as we stepped out on this fundraising journey!

As I look back and rejoice in what the Lord has given me, I am hit with a new thought: I won't have these women at my fingertips anymore - to stop by and stay for 5 hours talking when I only meant to stay for 5 minutes, to scoop my children up as if they are their own, to give me a break when I need it, to encourage my heart, and to point me to Jesus. While this thought brings me to tears, I know that these same women are sending us out and will continue to love and pray for us.

Community is not easy to come by - when I moved to Dallas 15 years ago, I knew 2 people. I had no desire to STAY in Dallas - and now I'm having a hard time leaving.
To those who have invested in my life, I am forever grateful. For those I've had the pleasure of investing in, thank you for letting me be a part of you.

I am leaving Dallas a different person than when I arrived. Thank you, Jesus for the gift of my time here. I am forever changed.