Thursday, June 21, 2018

Do you need REST? I do.

Put your feet up. 
Relax a bit. 
Take a breather. 
Grab a little shut-eye. 

What comes to your mind when you think of rest? This is a time in my life when rest = sleep. Sleep is something in short supply. So the question is, if I don't get sleep, can I still get rest? 

The answer, I'm learning, is YES. Instead of just a thing to be had, rest can be found in a person. In life we are looking for things to relax us - whether that be food, Netflix, hobbies, vacations or sleep. How many times have you caught yourself saying (or even just THINKING to yourself) "I could be at rest and anxiety-free if I just..." My most recent fill in the blanks are "had 8 solid hours of sleep!" Or if we were fully supported and on to the next part of our adventure OR if we found just the right house. Then I would truly find rest. 

And what happens when all those things happen? Once we've moved to the Carolinas, have a house, have sleeping kids? Then what? I be anxious about new things... if only this felt like home, if only my kids had friends, if only I had friends! If only we were back in Dallas doing what I was doing before 😳 Uh oh. If I cannot find rest in Jesus where I am, will I ever find rest? 

This is something Jesus has been reminding me. My rest needs to be found in Him - not in 8 solid hours of sleep, my current situation or my comfort. He says to me: Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest (Matt 11:28). 

During this time of absolute exhaustion: physically, mentally and emotionally, He has stepped in and rejuvenated my soul through His Word - speaking words of truth to me when all I want to believe is the overwhelming, anxiety-filled lie.

As a mama of 2 smalls in the middle of one of the biggest changes of our lives, He has been so faithful to make my heart at rest, even if the world around me is spinning.