Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Welcome to the Carolinas! Just in time for a hurricane.

Steven and Andrew playing in the "hurricane"
If moving our family across the country for 2 1/2 days with 2 littles wasn’t enough, a hurricane decided to make landfall near our home in Rock Hill, SC a little over a week after we got here. We were in the midst of trying to unpack, fix things around the house, get settled into a new place… only to have the looming possibilities of what a hurricane can bring: flooding, wind, loss of power. So now we had to prepare for THAT too. Running around to different stores to get food, find water and all the other necessities that you need just in case. 

In the middle of feeling a bit sorry for myself, I got an update from a friend of mine who just landed in Malawi with her 4 kids. They had just spent 64 hours traveling from Canada to Malawi. Every day they have power outages for 6+ hours. They have new language, driving standard on the other side of the car on the other side of the road, kids in a new school, new faces, new way of eating, cooking, you name it. 

This is not a case of “who has it worse” but it is a reality check and a time to pray. We have received dozens of calls and text messages to make sure we are ok - and we are so grateful for all your love and support. At the same time, I want to be acutely aware that there is a typhoon in the Philippines that is ravaging that coast line with NO help coming. There are people all over the world who don’t have the food we have when things are good, let alone in crisis. There are missionaries who are stepping into foreign countries for the first time - having to navigate new life and usually in the midst of a personal crisis or two. 

So this has been an eye opening experience for me - to be grateful for what I’ve been given: food, water, shelter, Sam’s, crazy storm experiences that have led to meeting more neighbors and to pray for those who are also struggling whether that’s in life, finding a new norm or are in the midst of a big storm. 

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