Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Song that Gets You Every Time...

I don't know about you, but there are songs that no matter how many times I've heard them, they will always stirs something up within my heart. It brings tears to my eyes and puts images in my head of another day and time. I heard that song this morning on the way to work.

It's the song of the redeemed

Rising from the African plain

Its the song of the forgiven

Drowning out the Amazon rain

The song of Asian believers

Filled with God's holy fire

It's every tribe, every tongue, every nation

A love song born of a grateful choir

My mind begins to swim with memories of Kenyan women dancing and singing their hearts out. I see Ecuadorian girls waving flags and lifting holy hands. I watch Burmese believers pray with an excitement I can only dream of. It takes me to a different place and time and suddenly I am there too. My eyes fill with tears and I sing with them, Glory Glory Hallelujah He reigns!

As the song comes to a close, I open my eyes once more to find that I am sitting in my car getting ready to start another day of work. Oh how I long to be there, but right now I am here, in a culture that some days feels more foreign to me than that of Ecuador.

But God's time is never wasted. Recently we have had lots of opportunities to minister to our neighbors upstairs. They are not super open, but the Lord is doing a work. On Sunday, Steven met a friend of theirs and a conversation ensued. She was outside smoking on their balcony and Steven was putting something in my car. Before you know it, she is asking Steven all about sin and Jesus. I was inside cooking and praying my heart out as my amazing husband looked up at her and answered her questions one by one.

That evening we all hung out and she began to tell me about her 98 year old sweet grandmother who wants to just "go home." I was able to share with her about my sweet grammee that just went home and how I know for sure that she is there waiting for me. She smiled at me a very genuinely and asked me if she could come to church with us the next time she is in town.

So even though I don't get to daily praise God with my friends around the world, I am very aware the the Lord is at work here in Dallas.

One day every tongue, tribe and nation will surround his throne with praises, but until then, my heart will be pulled toward that day each time I hear that song...


  1. I enjoyed reading your other blog. So far you have good posts on this one. You have a special way with words. I added myself as a follower. I will keep track of your posts. Keep blogging. May God Bless You and Yours.