Friday, April 1, 2011

Sometimes it's Messy...

"Over a Cup of Coffee" was me... just me telling people's stories. But now it’s not just me anymore. Now we are "we" and this is our story. Steven and I have a lot of differences: from the way we organize or lack there of, to the way we run, or lack there of. There is one thing very important, we share the same heart: We love telling stories and we love people.
One of my earliest memories of our time together was sitting in coffee shops laughing and telling stories. I HEARD about most of his friends before I ever shook one of their hands. He is my favorite person to tell a good story to and to hear one from.
One thing we have both learned well, if you love people and are willing to invest in their lives, Sometimes its Messy.
People's stories tend to draw you in and it’s hard to leave without getting some blood and dirt on you. When we agreed to be together forever, we knew that meant life would be much messier together, but that it would be worth it. We agreed to get our hands dirty in other people's lives and to live our lives to the fullest following after Christ.
So this is our story... no promises that it'll be all flowers and beautiful because if we're going to be honest, Sometimes it is Messy.
Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy telling it.

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