Saturday, November 19, 2011


Elizabeth, one of our third grade teachers at West Dallas Community School always has great stories for me, especially about Timothy. About a month ago he said to her, "Miss Johnson, I think my digestive system is going in reverse." What third grader do you know who speaks like that? I think Elizabeth probably thought he was just trying to use some big words he had learned, but low and behold Timothy was throwing up in the nearest trash can just 20 minutes later.
Timothy isn't a bad kid by any means, he's just squirmy. He gets in trouble for talking in class or leaving his hand on top of his head. Discipline comes in the form of minutes, minutes taken off his playtime. One day particularly, he had had a rough day and had lost all his minutes at playtime. While Elizabeth was calling the 3rd grade to come in, Timothy ran up to her and said, "Miss Johnson, can I take someone else's minutes?" Puzzled, Elizabeth replied, "Why would you want to do that Timothy?" He answered: "So I would know what it was like to be Jesus taking on the sin of the world."

I think he's getting it, don't you?