Monday, October 10, 2011

It's easier said than done

It's easy to say and hard to do. "If you're going to really engage people, you have to be willing to get messy" is easy for me to spout off and sound like a great minister of the Gospel, but to actually step into people's filth is a completely different story.
Steven and I have made it our habit to have a running list of people we pray for every night before we go to bed. There are some that we pray would find a true relationship with Jesus, others we pray that the the Lord would ignite a fire that has grown dim and then there are our missionaries that we love and pray that the Lord would walk along side them during difficult and dark times.
Something unexpected seems to happen when we pray, God moves. You're thinking: Isn't that what you were asking him to do? YES... and no. YES, we're asking him to move, but NO I don't like how uncomfortable he makes ME stick my hands in their filth.
My husband loves dirt... and I mean actual dirt. He has no problem getting down and dirty to help other people out. He'll be the first one under the hood of a car and the last one to leave when a mess is left. One day on the way to the airport, Steven saw a woman stranded on the side of the road. We were already late, but that did not bother him. His first concern was that this woman was ok. He almost missed his flight. This is Steven.
I, on the other hand want to be a comfortable minister of the Gospel, and to be honest that is not how the Lord intended it. He called Paul to be imprisoned, stoned and beat for his faith, why? "So that whether by life or death, Christ might be glorified in my body." Oh how I struggle with this concept. I want to be comfortable! I want to tell stories of how dirty life is without getting dirty myself.
Through the people we pray for, we have gotten many opportunities to get dirty and to invest into the lives of others. It has been painful to love people through their self-destructing habits, but my husband has taught me something. Speak truth, even when it hurts. It's like scrubbing an infected wound - healing cannot happen if soap and elbow grease isn't applied. Steven's heart for the Gospel and making Jesus knows in dark places in nothing short of admirable. He listens when people need to be heard but speaks truth when it needs to be spoken all so that Christ would be glorified.
Thank you Lord for giving me a man who loves and follows after you, even when it's messy.


  1. When I hear stories like this it encourage me that God could send me a man like that too; one with a heart after God. I think it is the most attractive attribute a man can have. You are a blessed woman.

    And you're right. I like that you are honest about it instead of painting a fairytale. How many people have fairytale ideas and are then shocked with the reality of the dirt that we encounter sometimes so that we can be a vehicle of change for the Lord? I have to admit that I'm like you - I also like to help but I'm not always prepared to get dirty, even though I know by now that sometimes it gets that way. But it is more important to obey the Lord, and that is often what drives me. I think that is part of growing up in the Lord; when we realize the greater purpose or responsibility rather than how comfortable or not it makes us feel. Eventually we see less of the dirt and more of the eternal consequence. I think God honors a heart attitude that just desires to keep growing in Him, maturing in His purpose for us. Such a heart He will empower to overcome; not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit.

  2. Sounds like a great solid man